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Reviews the history of hooped dresses, calling critical attention to the trend.

An essay, written in the style of a letter, on the scenery and activities to be enjoyed in southeastern Switzerland.

The narrator recounts travelling through Royat, in central France, as well as the relationship developed with the tour guides.

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A poem on the coming of autumn.

A free verse poem that discusses women's moral strength and religious convictions throughout history. The women discussed are significant in history, in arts, and in politics in "Pagan, Christian, Feudal, and Modern times". Notable figures that she…

Discusses the popularity of Japanese aesthetics and goods in England, the economics of their mass-production, and brief descriptions of the most popular objects.

A history of the Elizabethan country house, Kirby Hall, owned by the Lord Chancellor to Queen Elizabeth I. It describes the typical grandeur of the house during Queen's Elizabeth's visits and laments the then-decayed state of the house.

A poem recollecting the speaker's time in Villa La Californie, in Cannes, France.


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