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Reviews the history of hooped dresses, calling critical attention to the trend.

Discusses scientific literature that compares the physical and mental powers of the sexes, then attends to the social conditions that have prevented women from fulfilling their potential in various endeavours.


A review of Mary Anderson's performance in A Winter's Tale that develops into a reflection on the present state of British drama.

Thoughts on the most fashionable jewelry and materials of the season, including designs for cloaks, capes, and bonnets. Closes with news of Paris fashion.


Reviews and excerpts "The Memoirs of Wilhelmine, Margravine of Bayreuth," translated by Princess Christian; "Women's Voices: an Anthology of the Most Classic Poems, by English, Scotch, and Irish Women; and "A Village Tragedy" by Margaret L. Woods.…

An essay providing a detailed account of women's day-to-day life enrolled at Oxford College. The author insists that her life is not too different from any other girl in society by providing accounts not only of her education, but of her social life:…

A short story about the death of a young woman and her paranormal reappearance to her lover.

Reviews charitable societies that are aimed toward the housing, education, and training of poor and orphaned children. Societies include the Girl's Friendly Society, The Yong Woman's Christian Association, the St. Andrew's Club for Working Lads, and…
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