December 1887


December 1887

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Miss Anderson in the 'Winter's Tale'
A review of Mary Anderson's performance in A Winter's Tale that develops into a reflection on the present state of British drama.

The Fallacy of the Superiority of Man
Discusses scientific literature that compares the physical and mental powers of the sexes, then attends to the social conditions that have prevented women from fulfilling their potential in various endeavours.

A Treatise on Hoops
Reviews the history of hooped dresses, calling critical attention to the trend.

La Californie
A poem recollecting the speaker's time in Villa La Californie, in Cannes, France.

At Royat
The narrator recounts travelling through Royat, in central France, as well as the relationship developed with the tour guides.

The Ministering Children's League
Overviews the founding and purpose of the Ministering Children's League, intended to train children of the rich to teach children of the poor.

Literary and other Notes
Comments on the recent publications, Gossips with Girls and Maidens by Blanche St. John Bellairs; Constance Naden's "A Modem Apostle, and other Poems"; Phyllis Browne's "Life of Mrs. Somerville" and "Life of Miss Mary Carpenter"; and May Laffan's…

Japanese Art Wares
Discusses the popularity of Japanese aesthetics and goods in England, the economics of their mass-production, and brief descriptions of the most popular objects.
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