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Miss Anderson in the 'Winter's Tale'
A review of Mary Anderson's performance in A Winter's Tale that develops into a reflection on the present state of British drama.

The Woodland Gods
An essay examining the importance of stage design, particularly open-air theaters. It ends with an analysis of Edward William Godwin's production of Shakespeare's As You Like It.

The Fallacy of the Superiority of Man
Discusses scientific literature that compares the physical and mental powers of the sexes, then attends to the social conditions that have prevented women from fulfilling their potential in various endeavours.

The Position of Women
An essay examining the past and present factors that have contributed to women's position in society. It focuses on the relationship between "power" and "position" in women's history, and the changing relationships between women across classes and…

A Treatise on Hoops
Reviews the history of hooped dresses, calling critical attention to the trend.

Madame de Sevigne's Grandmother
A travel essay-turned-biography that details the life and legacy of the seventeenth-century French Aristocrat, Mme de Sévigné's.

La Californie
A poem recollecting the speaker's time in Villa La Californie, in Cannes, France.

Hazely Heath
A poem on the coming of autumn.

The Truth about Clement Ker (I)
The first installment of the novel, in which Clement Ker denies charity to a servant in need.
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